Nexter Color System

Service of cryogenic installations


Nexter Color-System sp.z o.o. has been servicing various types of cryogenic installations for years. During this time, we have gained the recognition of numerous clients and accreditation bodies. The development of technologies used for liquefied gases and the constantly growing needs of the market accelerated the development of our company’s service department. Our mechanics have extensive experience that allows them to solve even the most difficult problems, which is confirmed by the Cryostar SAS Authorized Service Center certificate awarded in 2016 – a leader on the market of technical solutions for liquefied gases. This title confirms that the service department meets the technical and organizational conditions to carry out installations, start-ups, ongoing service and repairs of all distribution pumps. A well-equipped workshop and an extensive warehouse of spare parts allow for the maximum reduction of repair time, and thanks to a specially prepared service car, we are able to remove defects also at the customer’s facility.

We offer services in the field of:

  1. Comprehensive service of cryogenic pumps of all types
  2. Comprehensive overhaul of cryogenic turbines
  3. Inspections and repairs of fittings of tank cars and cryogenic tanks (shut-off valves, safety valves, level gauges, flow meters, etc.)
  4. Vacuum insulation repairs
  5. Leak repair using a helium detector
  6. Testing of tank cars and cryogenic tanks under the supervision of TDT, UDT, WDT, etc.
  7. Assembly of cryogenic equipment from leading manufacturers Cryostar, Emerson, Herose, Leser, Rego, Sefco, etc.
  8. Legalization of measuring installations for continuous and dynamic measurement of the amount of cryogenic liquids
  9. Construction, service and operation of LNG and LCNG refueling stations
  10. Professional service and consultancy in the field of all industrial installations and equipment
  11. Service and modernization of cryogenic transport tanks
  12. As part of contracts with customers, we provide emergency service for cryogenic installations and devices, thanks to which we can provide customer support 24/7.

Our advantages

  • experienced staff guaranteeing high quality of services provided,
  • the use of top-class tools,
  • we provide appropriate conditions to carry out particularly dangerous work
  • we ensure high standards of safety and cleanliness of the work performed
  • complexity of repairs,
  • convenient payment terms,
  • warranty for services rendered,
  • flexible working hours of the service,
  • experience supported by long-term cooperation with large corporations.