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Shot blasting room

Shot blasting room

Shot blasting is a process of cleaning steel elements using materials with high abrasive properties. The stream of abrasive is produced by compressed air. The shot-blasting process prepares the surface for painting by obtaining the appropriate roughness, which is an ideal base for the application of protective coatings, which is why the SA 2.5 cleaning grade is our standard.

Our shot blasting machine has automatic shot recovery. Using a magnetic separator, we are able to change the type of abrasive in a few minutes. We use two types of abrasive: sharp-edged steel shot – in the case of steel corundum – in the case of aluminum Dimensions of the shot-blasting room: 14 m long, 4.5 m wide and 5 m high.

We specialize in painting elements and structures of rail vehicles, elements of railway infrastructure, specialized semi-trailers, car bodies, tankers, semi-trailers. silos, truck tractors, constantly increasing the number of satisfied customers.

Four professional painting chambers with dimensions of 14 m X 4.5 m X 4.5 m, which have a temperature control range of up to 60 ° C, two drying chambers with dimensions of 14 m X 4.5 m X 3 m, two painting chambers with dimensions of 5 m x2.5 m x3 m, one painting chamber with a dryer for painting small details in a belt system and qualified staff, allows us to carry out projects while maintaining the required quality, technical and visual standards of the client.