Nexter Color System

Paint shop

Paint shop

The services we offer are made on the basis of varnish materials of the PPG company, which offers: lines of water-soluble varnishes (used in passenger cars), lines of acrylic varnishes (buses, trucks, tankers, etc. used in commercial transport) and a line of industrial varnishes (machines structures, silos, etc.) We also provide services on materials entrusted or indicated by the client (Weilburger, Lankwitzer, Beckers, Rembrandtin, Mankiewicz and others).

We specialize in painting elements and structures of rail vehicles, elements of railway infrastructure, specialized semi-trailers, car bodies, tankers, semi-trailers. silos, truck tractors, gas station elements, construction machines and many others.

In our machine park you will find:

  • Unloading crane with a load capacity of 5T
  • Gantry crane with a load capacity of 10 T
  • Forklifts with a load capacity of 4.5T, 7.0T and 1.5T
  • Trolleys (“goats”) for internal transport
  • Four professional painting chambers with dimensions of 14 m X 4.5 m X 4.5 m. The chambers have a temperature control range of up to 70°C. All 4 chambers are adapted to water-based varnishes.
  • Two drying chambers measuring 14m X 4.5m X 3m
  • Two painting chambers with dimensions of 5 m x 2.5 m x 3 m
  • One painting chamber with a dryer for painting small details in a belt system (up to 150 kg).
  • Electronic 24-hour climate control system
  • Paint application system: SATA spray guns, WAGNER hydrodynamic pumps, WAGNER electrostatic hydrodynamic pumps. GRACO thick mass application pump.
  • Quality control system using: induction thickness gauges, laser thermo-hygrometer, roughness gauge, gloss gauge, conductivity gauge, lattice test device, paint combs and others.
  • Warehouse space in the hall of approx. 300 m2 and a monitored parking and storage yard with an area of ​​approx. 5,000 m2.